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Ed Hardy Double Sleeve Women’s Shirts – Rock-World Fashion

Ed Hardy Double Sleeve Women’s Shirts are extravagantly printed with different shake tattoo structures from world popular artist, Don Ed Hardy. The “twofold sleeve” structure incorporates Women’s T shirts  with long-sleeves sewn underneath.

Sound pompous? They’re not. In fact, shockingly they’re unimaginably beautiful and female – maybe a bit on the seductive side also.

Here is some information on each of the different “twofold sleeve” structures – this could be useful in case you’re at all befuddled about which shirts are which…

One of the structures for these shirts incorporate the”Siren” (which by definition signifies, “perilously seductive”) and incorporates an ocean sprite alarm configuration weighed down with rhinestones and comes complete with skull plans on the sleeves. On the back you will locate the popular “Ed Hardy” signature that stretches from shoulder to bear just as a progressively subtle form of the ocean fairy. This is truly a shirt to view – and it’s perfectly sized to truly set off a lady’s figure.

Another variant of the Ed Hardy Double Sleeve Women’s Shirt is the “Tattoo Sleeve”. It has a comparative fit and structure with the distinction that the lower sleeves are sheer with a tattoo configuration running up the arms, giving an appearance of an actual all-over-arm tattoo. It’s an interesting look, and again is made without vainglory or tackiness. Despite the fact that these shirts are quite striking, they’re actually quite beautiful. The tattoo sleeve is accessible in various different hues and structures, for example, “Love Kills Slowly”, “Death and Glory” and a few more.

There is yet one more style – the plain twofold sleeve. This is a long under-sleeve that has a sheer appearance but with no print whatsoever, these include a bit of a basic look to a not-so-essentially ornamented shirt. This adaptation of the shirt is accessible in various different hues, and furthermore has various different print plans accessible.