Free Agency: Bad Branding-Bad PR

Allen’s newbie season mirrored a similar kind of guarantee of an extraordinary vocation as Ryan Howard’s new kid on the block season did in 2005. Be that as it may, Howard hit his 22 homers with a .286 BA in 88 recreations where Allen’s 29 homers, 104 RBIs, 201 hits and .318 BA were full season details. In spite of the fact that he submitted 41 blunders at third base, having never played there past to touching base in the major alliances, Allen charmed the baseball essayists with his details and was agent seth levinson a ballot 1964’s NL Rookie of the Year.

While Howard additionally won tenderfoot of the year honors in 2005 season, he likewise proceeded to accumulate a divider loaded with honors for his 58 homer, 149 RBI, .313 BA 2006 season which, by correlation, overwhelmed Allen’s second season. Further, it took Allen 4 1/2 seasons to copy Howard’s 129 homers achieved in under 3 full seasons.

In spite of the fact that Allen would assemble noteworthy numbers in 1965 preceding truly blooming for the Phils with a 40 homer, 110 RBI, .317 BA season in 1966, his off-field strife in the long run overflowed onto the field.

A look at the future troublesome behavior which would hound Allen all through his vocation was seen a year later in 1965 in his run-ins with veteran apprentice utility player Frank Thomas who was close as far as possible of a multi year profession. Thomas, who stuffed some pound in his bat all through his profession, if some grasp squeeze homers for the Phils after his obtaining late in the 1964 season. In any case, maybe the choppiness that denoted Allen’s vocation was established in his small time encounters with the Phillies associate club in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Wikipedia records this in regards to Allen’s small time encounters;

His profession got off to a tempestuous begin as he confronted racial provocation while playing for the Phillies’ small time member in Little Rock; occupants organized challenge marches against Allen, the neighborhood group’s first dark player. By the by, he drove the class in absolute bases.

My memory is that the run-ins happened when Allen disagreed with claimed “supremacist” remarks made by Thomas.

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