Funny Or Not – Our Growing Obsession With Memes & GIFs To Communicate

In November 2003, rapper Cam’Ron was welcome to the Bill O’Reilly Show. Throughout the meeting, Cam’Ron was cited saying “You distraught, you frantic” to Bill while pointing at him and that is all it required for funny memes this web image to begin spreading like containable out of control fire.

The Evolution

The spread of the web image “You frantic” now and again “You distraught, brother?” made it into the Urban Dictionary in 2005. In 2007, innumerable U Mad pictures showed up in a talk discussion for muscle heads.

Ubiquity in Facebook

Facebook has dependably been a vital ground for web image fans for sharing and dialog. As of September of 2012, a prominent “You Mad Bro?” fan page has officially gotten 398,000 preferences. A few other fan pages exist also and the quantities of their adherents are becoming extremely quick.

Mainstream You Mad Images

Some mainstream pictures for this funny web image incorporate the Cam’Ron photograph at the Bill O’Reilly Show, the 80’s Will Smith picture, the Oprah moving photograph, and a few pictures of President Barack Obama.

Mainstream Items

Tee shirts have been a generally utilized mode for putting web image in prints. Similar remains constant with U Mad Bro. A few shirt printing and knick knack organizations have discharged their very own adaptations of You Mad Bro. There are even tee shirts which reply back to this well known expression with expressions like “I Ain’t Even Mad, Bro”.


Beside dress, fans may gather You Mad things, for example, mugs, decals, caps, key chains, stick catches, wrist trinkets, and the sky is the limit from there.

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