How to Enjoy a Baseball Game

He’s amazing, and always shed light on the matter, after his prayers the thunderous roar would just echo for moments in time. It was just exhilarating being in the echo itself because even the echo was consumed with the spirit of happiness, The Old Man At The Baseball Game always had this riveting influence on the fans, no matter where it was, he just rejuvenated the spirit of the people and even the seth and sam levinson became more exciting. He made the nights easy, and the weekends relaxed, and in the background you heard the Announcer say, “ladies and gentlemen it’s the top of the fifth and the score is 2 to 2 and the home teams is out in the field, while the players are taking their positions don’t forget to enjoy the Old Man At the Baseball Game, he’s a delight for the whole family.”

Maybe it should be mentioned here, the Old Man at the Baseball game’s chair is adorned in a most beautiful color of purple you’ve ever seen. It’s like he received the mighty color from heaven itself. The gold is spectacular in the way it outlined the purple, and the remnants draped in white is simply dazzling to your sight. I mean the color white seems as pure as the clouds above, and that’s what’s so amazing about the colors they seemed hand picked by something beyond this hemisphere. Again, the chair The Old Man At The Baseball Game sat in was like a throne, the plush carpeting around it is as soft as soft can be, you know how sometimes you just can’t describe something in your mind’s ability to comprehend. Well this is one of those times. He’s worth everyday you come to the game whether it be for the whole season or once in a while he made the trip worth while coming to the baseball game.

If you took off from work or school it didn’t matter because a lesson was being taught well beyond the schools ability to teach the children, and working on human communication was better than struggling at work to fit in on days you simply wanted to be alone, the Old Man at the Baseball Game is patient, he explains how patience is one of the most important virtues a person can have in their daily life.

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